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Tim Broom

ITPro TV has been able to remove the obstacles for our members seeking to increase their knowledge and advance their careers. We do this by delivering to our members the most up to date content in the areas that will have the greatest impact on their careers. Whether you’re working to increase your knowledge or to prove what you already know through certification, ITPro TV is right for you!

Tim Broom, Co-founder ITPro TV

ITPro TV was built by fans of TWIT... 
for fans of TWIT...

Years ago many of us at ITPro TV got interested in technology because of the work of Leo LaPorte and his friends on Tech TV/Screen Savers.

The inspiration didn't stop there at Tech TV. Much of our model for LIVE broadcasting of our courses daily as they are recorded is inspired by Leo's work on the TWIT network. Thank goodness this is something that Leo finds flattering!  A Special Thanks to Leo and his TEAM for all the help and inspiration!

We are not just friends and fans of the TWIT network, but also supporters.

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Our course library is aways growing because we are constantly adding new content for an ever changing IT landscape. Your membership with ITPro TV will be valuable for the rest of your career.

  • Apple

    Currently ITPro TV offers Apple’s Mac Integration Basics 10.9 (9L0-409) and Mac Management Basics 10.9 (9L0-418). In the fourth quarter of 2014 ITPro TV will be live broadcasting the creation of the ACMT content. Apple Certified Macintosh Technician verifies the ability to perform basic troubleshooting and repair of desktops and portable Macintosh systems.

  • CompTIA

    From CompTIA’s A+ and Strata to Linux+ and Security+, ITPro TV offers the complete content to prepare you to take the exams.

  • Cisco

    In the networking IT world Cisco is the name to know. At ITPro TV we have it covered from routing & switching to security.

  • ISC2

    Security professionals know the name of Adam Gordon and for good reason. He wrote the book on security. He also hosted our shows for the ISC2 certification preparations.

  • Project Management

    PMI is the leader in project management certification. Now ITPro TV offers a course for Project Management Professional PMP.

  • Microsoft

    More of our courses are for Microsoft than any other single vendor. This means if you are working in an environment where you have to support Microsoft then ITPro TV has the content you need.

  • MS Office

    ITPro TV also has resources that help the IT professional brush up on their MS Office skills including: Word, Excel, Outlook, Lync, and more!  Let’s face it, you’re going to get some of these questions, better to be prepared.

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Hosted Virtual Machines for Hands on Learning Labs and Practice

On-demand access to cloned virtual machine environments. Access hands-on labs without needing expensive hardware or complex setup. Now with HTML5 support, so you can run your virtual machine labs with multiple instances of Windows Server and Desktop Clients on your OSX, Linux, iOS device, and of course Windows platform.

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    Just one practice exam per month more than pays for your subscription to ITProTV! Transcender is dedicated to helping IT professionals strengthen technical job skills and prepare them for tough certification examinations by developing the highest quality learning and exam preparation products. In fact, IT professionals consistently vote Transcender exam prep solutions as the most in-depth and realistic in the world. The original company was formed in 1992, soon after Microsoft Corporation introduced its certification program. Today, Transcender is the leading provider of IT certification practice exams, study guides and online learning courses.

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  • Ask Questions in the live chat room
  • Ask questions in the Q&A Forum
  • Access the course library via Roku
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